Corporate Venture Studio
We unleash the potential of entrepreneurship to solve big challenges with the world’s leading companies

What if we are faced with a challenge for which there is no solution yet?.. We build it!
Venture Building Process
We begin with seemingly unreasonable propositions and navigate to transformational outcomes.
Centers of Excellence
We pose farfetched hypotheses, exploring the question “What if...?” Our entrepreneurial scientists allow hypotheses to evolve through variation and selection, collaborating with external experts to test the weaknesses and strengths of new concepts. We create better and better hypotheses until we identify something that might be a breakthrough, if only it worked. We call these imaginative inquiries "Center of Excellence”.
Promising Centers of Excellence become prototype lab, or “Labs,” and are assigned a number according to their place in the series: “L1,” “L2,”… “L10,” etc. Our founding teams test concepts, and discontinue Labs that cannot, for whatever reason, validate their science in the laboratory. We use the word "origination" to mean the conception, iteration, and launch of a new company around a distinct breakthrough.
If the founding team can plausibly convert the question “What if…” to the answer, “It turns out...” a Lab becomes a new company, or “Startup,” with a name and significant capital commitment. Each Startup focuses on developing a proprietary platform that will deliver years of important new products, and recruits a board of directors, CEO, and leadership team.
Ultimately, a Startup is spun out to become a growth company, or “Scaleup.” A Scaleup’s leadership team attracts outside investors, forges partnerships, and builds a business that creates extraordinary future value, often operating as public companies. At this stage, we sell our share in the company to our corporate partner.
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