Deep Innovation Day for construction

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We invite you to the Innovation Kitchen Additive Manufacturing StartHub in Odessa for a unique event - Deep Innovation Day for construction. Our experts will introduce you to the most progressive and up-to-date innovative solutions in the field of 3D modeling, printing and robotics, which are already changing the modern construction industry.

Date: October 22
⏰ Time: 14:00-19:00

What problem do we solve?

Innovation is a necessary condition for the competitiveness of a modern construction company. The leaders of most Ukrainian construction companies understand this, but only a small number of these leaders define clear challenges for their companies' innovative projects.

There are two reasons for this:

✅ Low awareness of the world's leading practices in the field of innovation for construction.

✅ Insufficient level of expertise to determine how these innovations can be profitably used by the construction company.

Why us?

We are the first hub in Ukraine that specializes in custom innovations in additive manufacturing. We help Ukrainian companies identify and implement innovative challenges in the 3D printing and robotics sector, in line with global technology trends.

We have the necessary expertise, software, equipment and laboratories to conduct complex innovative projects.

Who are our experts?

Our experts are leading employees of R&D centers of companies that are part of the technology cluster of residents of our hub, including:

Pixelated Realities
Easy Look
Qweedo Robotics

How do we prepare?

The selection of innovative solutions, which we will discuss at the meeting, is based on in-depth analytical research. Based on the StartUs’ Insights database (StartUs), which contains information on more than 2,500,000 startups and scaleups, our analysts report on the most advanced innovative companies in the field of 3D modeling, printing and robotics in construction. Based on this report and their professional experience, our experts prepare reports that reveal the essence and potential of innovative solutions of these companies.

How will it happen?

At the event, we immerse the leaders of Ukrainian construction companies in an exciting process of researching leading innovative solutions in the field of 3D modeling, printing and robotics, which determine the further development of the construction industry in the world.

Hub experts talk about their research, offer specific solutions for the construction industry, communicate with the audience. During this dialogue, ideas that can be applied in practice are born.

What do you get?

The participants of the event receive answers to 3 most important questions:

What successful innovative solutions exist in the world?
What are the practical benefits of these solutions for their business?
How can they be implemented in Ukraine?

The participants of the event also receive a presentation summarizing all the important aspects of the meeting on the basis of which they will be able to build innovative meetings with working groups within their companies.

+ In the end, informal communication in a friendly atmosphere of our cafe ☕️.
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