Rocket engine combustion chamber

Duration, cost and complexity of classical production methods of rocket combustion chamber significantly limit production capability. It the takes up to 2 years, significant capital investment, and a large number of technological processes to build a rocket engine chamber. The advantages of metal 3D printing (LPBF) allow you to combine several assembly parts into one. LPBF allows to efficiently print complex geometries that are inaccessible to traditional techniques. Combining several assembly parts into 1 allows to reduce the number of technological operations, simplifies the process of introducing changes to the assembly and speeds up the production of the component. Also LPBF increases the utilization coefficient of the bulk material.
Bottom line: Using 3D printing methods, manufacturing process of the combustion chamber was reduced to 1 month, the number of assembly parts was reduced from 49 to 6 and capital investments decreased by 10 times

Industry: Aerospace

Team size: 6

Cooperation: 3 month

Key features: Complete solution from design to manufacturing

Technologies: CAD (SolidWorks), CFD (Ansys Fluent), 3D printing (LPBF), Welding, CNC machining

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