Laminar flow nozzle

CAD design, Optimization, 3D printing
Design and optimization of an inert gas flow nozzle.
The component has to create a laminar flow of argon gas at various speeds over a working zone of a laser melting system. The gas has to remove sputter particles from the melting zone. 40 different iterations of the component design were performed to optimize the gas flow characteristics. CAD design was performed using SolidWorks, while the flow simulation was analyzed using Ansys CFD Fluent. The optimal design was printed via the DLP process using high-temperature resistant resin.

Industry: Industrial Equipment

Team size: 4

Cooperation: 1 month

Key features: Complete solution from design to manufacturing

Technologies: CAD (SolidWorks), CFD (Ansys Fluent), 3D printing (DLP)

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