Fuel injection nozzle

The oil injection nozzle component in the Combined Heat and Power plant at Company XX often fails. This failure results in the failure of the entire assembly and requires an operational shutdown of the entire energy block. Such part consists of 4 components traditionally manufactured via milling and CNC routing. Furthermore, the engineering drawings of this component were lost.
Reverse engineering of this part was carried out to retrieve the engineering drawings via 3D scanning. Simulations of the operation process were conducted to identify problematic areas of the design. The new part was created taking into account the results of the analysis and the capabilities of the 3D printing. Further optimization of the component design was performed to increase the efficiency and reduce the complexity of the part. 4 assembly parts were combined into 1. A more suitable material for this task was also selected. The LPBF method was used to manufacture the updated design (7 hours).
Bottom line: The part has a longer service life and more efficient performance during operation.

Industry: Industrial equipment

Team size: 4

Cooperation: 2 month

Key features: Complete solution from design to manufacturing

Technologies: 3D scanning, CAD (SolidWorks), CFD (Ansys Fluent), 3D printing (LPBF), CNC machining

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