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3D-scanning of buildings

3D scanning for video, games and movies

Creating digital twin of cities

Creating digital twins for industry

Create a realistic digital human avatar

Create realistic 3D product visualization

3D - art for game development

3D - modeling: architecture and sculpture

3D - modeling for industry: reverse engineering, topological optimization and generative design

3D - mechanical design

3D - schematic design

3D - prom design

3D - modeling of medical implants

Render of products for listing on Amazon

 Content A + for Amazon

3D - animation: from idea to full-fledged film

Prototyping of physical objects

3D - printing with metal (SLM)

3D - printing with photopolymer (SLA/DLP)

 3D - printing with thermoplastic (FDM)

3D - printing with ceramic (Binder Jet)

3D - printing in construction

The robot - mannequin

Robotic welding zone

The robot - painter

The robot - pizzaiolo

Conveyor maintenance

Sharpening knives

Maintenance of R&D laboratory
Robot for a video advertising studio
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